Buddha Chakra Healing Energy Bracelet
Buddha Chakra Healing Energy Bracelet
Buddha Chakra Healing Energy Bracelet
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Buddha Chakra Healing Energy Bracelet

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This buddha chakra bracelet courage is recognized to balance yin and yang forces of an individual so as to find inner peace and to achieve enlightenment.
The seven color chakra system is associated with seven physical and spiritual energy centers in the human body. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue cyan, indigo blue and purple.
Eastern Indians believe that each color is referenced to each energy center of the body from the lower spine to the crown of the head. The psychological and physical wellness of an individual is optimized by focusing the colors.
  • Size: custom to your wrist size, measure your wrist and leave your wrist size at checkout page. 
  • Expandable and durable: double stretchy cord allows a hand to slide in easily
  • Materials: 8mm natural lava stones and 10mm gemstones.
  • Package contents: a diffuser bracelet, a 10ml essential oil with an instruction card and a dropper in a Kraft box.
 Natural lava beads on this bracelet will diffuse your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy for a day to keep your mind clear and calm. The natural lava rock beads are known to be grounding stones that have many therapeutic properties:
  • Strength and courage (stability through times of change)
  • Calming (dissipating anger and anxiety)
  • Healing spiritually and guidance to bounce back

A 10ml bottle of ArtNaturals brand pure therapeutic essential oil of your choice comes with the bracelet. Select your favorite essential oil from six available scents: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Frankincense, Peppermint and Lavender for aromatherapy.

1. Eucalyptus oil: the menthol-like aroma helps to breathe easy and also gives feelings of clarity and focus.

2. Tea Tree oil: its antimicrobial microbial properties supports clear skin, overall wellness, and sharp thinking.
3. Rosemary oil: its invigorating scent can help you awake and increase concentration.
4. Frankincense oil: the woodsy herbal aroma balance your emotion and grounds the overthinking energy to relax and rest peacefully.
5. Peppermint oil: Its fresh, uplifting aroma can boost your energy and aid in digestion
6. Lavender oil: its floral scent relieve helps you relax and relieves stress

* How to use aromatherapy essential oil *

To use the bracelet as an oil diffuser, dap 1-2 drops of essential oil, or use a dropper that comes with the oil onto lava beads and rubs the oil in. Let it sit for a few minutes before putting it on your wrist. This essential oil is ideal to be used with a diffuser bracelet or a humidifier. Do not apply directly on the skin! This is a concentrated essential oil and dilution with a carrier oil or Aloe Vera gel is required to apply on the skin.
This lava beads bracelet with essential oil is intended for young adults and older; children under 14 years or younger should be used with adult supervision.

* How to wear and care *

Avoid stretching the elastic band wide to put on or off from wrist, but roll the bracelet onto your wrist instead. Stretching the band over time will decrease the quality of the elastic band.
Avoid using lava beads bracelet when bathing, swimming or exercising, since the porous surface of the lava rock beads can absorb water/sweat, which in turn can damage the rock beads. Your lava rock jewelry bracelet will last long if handled with care.
Color may vary slightly depending on lighting or viewing monitor/devices.

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