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My name is Yamin (Jasmine). I came from Myanmar with a family that faced persecution by the Burmese military socialist government. The military regime ruled through injustice, and violated human rights. My grandparents’ businesses were seized by the dictator, and subsequently this set the families in financial disarray and things fell apart. Being the eldest daughter in the family, my mother dropped out from school to help out the family. After experiencing the terror of racial discrimination and the torture from political revolution, my parents eventually left the country. As a child, I was taught not to express opinions in order to keep myself and my family safe.

In college, I was timid and lacked confidence. In addition, I faced cultural and communication challenges; however, my persistence and interest positioned me to become a healthcare professional. As a daughter, I took care of my mother who was traumatized by the terror from her past experiences. I felt helpless when the traditional treatment was not effective. I came upon spiritual energy healing as an alternative medicine besides the nutritional supplement. I started to coordinate colors and symbols in my DIY home project to bring up positive vibes in the home. As a caretaker, I realize I have to be strong to help the sick. Today, my faith in spiritual energy has brought one event after another for my mother to get better.

I received a ruby ring as a gift from my mother for graduating high school. The two-ruby-stone ring sparkled on my finger made me feel special and became mnemonic of the love of my mother. My passion to do DIY projects and my inspiration of family members running online businesses brought me to open an online store for fashion accessories and jewelry supplies, even though my journey to open Fabuluxwall store was started from the gift of my mother. In our store, you will find not only professionally designed jewelry but also handcrafted spiritual jewelry in forms of bracelets, charms, and necklaces.

I realize education can help the future of an individual from my personal experience; we give 10 percent of our sales to a charity that helps children from marginalized and disadvantaged societies educated. Every purchase you make from our store creates a new story of you, who has passions and visions for underprivileged children. Together we can make their dreams come true.


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